" Living In The Philippines
Crafts An Ideal Home "

"Simple Affordable, Hi-Gratifying
Way Of Life"

Serene living in the Philippines fits your simple-to-elegant wants for home settlement or business. It allows you to enjoy a wonderful home to live your life to the fullest possible.

You can make a huge cut in your overall cost, and then live the life of the rich or the wealthy. If you’re already one, you can savor the more profound satisfaction of adapting to the Filipino way of life.

Here are some essentials you may have to know about living in the Philippines that will work to your advantage…

Some Views On Living In The Philippines

Retiring In The Philippines … Trend Rising?

There is an increasing number of expatriates who have decided to retire in the Philippines. Their reasons vary. You don’t have to scour documented statistics to prove this occurrence. The actual visuals tell.

One can just look at the inflows of South Koreans… it’s a welcome sight to me.

South Koreans care living in the philippinesSource: Google Images

Philippine Immigration … Just Go With It

You have to contend with Philippine immigration laws in going about with living in the Philippines. It’s not difficult though. The Philippine Retirement Authority has the mandate to make the life of expatriates in the country conducive.

Dare To Retire Rich In The Philippines?

If living in the Philippines hits your mind, you could retire rich close to natural, unique and peculiar lures and wonders. The cost of living is VERY CHEAP.

Philippines Cost Of Living … It Is Cheap

If you’re single, living in the Philippines can cost you anywhere in the P45,000-80,000 ($1,046-1,860) range. I can just imagine that if I were to stay in Manila as an expatriate, $1,046/month can afford me a very comfortable living… and I can still tour around once or twice.

So at $1,395… you can really live rich! And at $1,860… you can have a very comfortable life with a family, and still live rich. So, how can you beat that?

Would this Samal Island in Davao City enthrall you?

Samal Island in Davao City care living in the philippinesSource: skyscrapercity.com | Google Images

Or this Plantation Bay Resort in Mactan Island, Cebu…

Plantation Bay Resort in Mactan Island, Cebu care living in the philippinesSource: matudnila.com | Google Images

Learn Tagalog And Understand The Filipino Psyche Well

It is to your edge to learn to speak Tagalog to extend the ease with which you communicate with the locals. In a formal sense, Pilipino is the official national language of the Philippines. Tagalog is Pilipino… it’s the most understood term Filipinos recognize.

Most Filipinos enjoy hearing expatriates speak the tongue. I do personally. So, practice it and one way to learn the language is to watch…

Jobs In The Philippines… More are Needed

Most expatriates don’t come to the Philippines to seek for a job. Those who do are merely following offshore assignments. But if you come for it, you have to compete with the locals.There maybe a good chance if you can spot an offshore company from your country. Your compatriots there might just hire you without much hassle.

Philippine Holidays … Public And National

There are 14 public and 19 national holidays in the Philippines. Most local governments usually have 1 more holiday during their fiestas honoring their patron saints.

Filipinos nowadays are starting to drive to the beaches whenever they have the time… usually on holidays.

Here’s one such beach, the Puraran Beach in Catanduanes Province in the Bicol Region…

Puraran Beach care living in the philippinesSource: bestphilippinesislands.com | Google Images

Philippine Education … This Country Is Capable

The Philippines is said to have declined a bit in its educational system. But the whole situation has not dumbed the Filipino at all. The country continues to produce bright minds for the world.

This would go on as the slightly eroded system undergoes recovery with timely intervention by the Philippine government. Philippine education is a national strength.

One academe strongly carrying that strength is UP Diliman

UP Diliman care living in the philippinesSource: thewutzup.com | Google Images

Another is De La Salle University

De La Salle University care living in the philippinesSource: article.wn.com | Google Images

And Ateneo De Manila University

Ateneo de Manila University care living in the philippinesSource: socyberty.com | Google Images

Moving To Philippines … Just A Matter Of Deciding

Moving to the Philippines requires due diligence. Your choices would depend on your circumstances. If you have the money and the decision, proceed.

You may want to settle in Palawan

Palawan care living in the philippinesSource: whypalawan.com | Google Images

Wrap Up

Living in the Philippines fits your simple-to-elegant wants for home settlement or business. You just have to know some essentials then enjoy the advantages of having a wonderful home in the Philippines.

Many expatriates attest that you can live like a king in the Philippines chiefly because of low cost.


Decide, come and SEE, LIVE or INVEST in the Philippines.

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