" Cheap Places To Retire: Philippine Retirement Alternatives
You Can Desire "

"Best Places To Retire In-Country, Best Places For Philippine Holidays Too"

The cheap places to retire in the Philippines can match your simple-to-elegant retirement criteria. Some are the best places to retire around… and some are the best for Philippine holidays.

The inarguable essentials of retirement are… living cost, safety, health care provision, good weather and recreation. These needs determine which are the best or which are the cheap places to retire.

The best places to retire are not measures of cost, but rather of safety, health, weather and recreation. It is therefore costly. In contrast, the cheap places to retire are measured largely by cost… cheap cost that is.

As to which cheap places to retire fit your needs, depends a lot on the depth of your pocket. Would you come as a mere tourist, or are you considering business and investment in your travel? The pros and cons of a retirement home really demand discussion. And…

Necessarily, this page focuses on the cheap places to retire in the Philippines… the ones you may have to investigate.

The Best And The Cheapest Places To Retire

A lot of the world’s best places to retire are found in the first world economies… the cheapest in the third world. One cheap place to retire or one of the cheapest is the Philippines which has a cost of living of $737-1777/month to sustain a simple-to-elegant retirement plan.

You may ask…

What about the best and the cheapest… if ever it is possible? By no means, it is logically possible. Here is an interesting extract of a report from www.numbeo.com in March 06, 2012...

The 8 Countries with the Cheapest Cost of Living, March 06, 2012

India 33.39 8.36 24.38 33.82 21.10 60.11
Pakistan 36.17 6.79 25.60 31.52 29.13 28.27
Algeria 40.64 8.32 29.01 43.59 25.57 27.54
Macedonia 42.80 9.46 30.80 33.64 31.65 35.20
Vietnam 42.90 33.02 39.35 45.31 26.66 28.05
Philippines 43.62 10.98 31.87 43.13 23.83 28.99
Nepal 44.28 4.90 30.11 36.11 30.19 30.26
China 48.82 19.67 38.33 53.68 33.62 30.26


CPI – consumer price index (excluding rent)
RI – rent index
CPPRI – consumer price plus rent index
GI – groceries index
RPI – restaurants price index
LPPI – local purchasing power index (relative to wages)

New York is the base of comparison at 100% for each index. For example, if a destination has a consumer price index of 40, it means that destination’s average consumer prices are 60% less expensive than in New York City.

With the data above, it’s now apparent which is the Best and the Cheapest Retirement Destination in the World. The data lends objectivity… your choices for the cheap places to retire can go subjective though as far as your temperament dictates.

Cheap And Best Retirement Cities And Provinces In The Philippines

The Philippines has 80 provinces and 138 cities as of yet. Here is our list of…

Top Retirement Cities and Provinces in the Philippines

The Top 20 Cities The Top 20 Provinces
Bacolod City Aklan
Baguio City Batangas
Batangas City Bohol
Butuan City Bukidnon
Cagayan de Oro City Bulacan
Cebu City Camarines Sur
Dagupan City Cebu
Davao City Davao (Norte/Sur/Oriental)
Dumaguete City Ilocos Norte
Iloilo City Laguna
Laoag City Mindoro (Oriental/Occidental)
Legazpi City Misamis Oriental
Lucena City Negros Oriental
Metro Manila Nueva Ecija
Naga City Palawan
Olongapo City Pangasinan
Puerto Prinsesa City Quezon
Tacloban City Surigao del Norte
Tagaytay City Zambales
San Fernando City Zamboanga del Norte

Pictures Of Cheap And Best Philippine Retirement Provinces

If you opt for the provinces, like living in Cebu, try to get used to Philippine music or original Pinoy music, because provincial Filipinos love it… it’s a good way to fuse with them. Meanwhile…

Here are several pictures of the Philippines’ cheap and best provincial retirement destinations…

Quaint Boats of Boracay in laidback Aklan…

Boats of Boracay care cheap-places-to-retireSource: traveljournals.net | Google images

Calaruega Chapel in Nasugbu, Batangas…

Calaruega Chapel of Nasugbu Batangas care cheap-places-to-retireSource: mozyholidays.com | Google images

Hinagdanan Cave in the beautiful, enchanting Panglao Island of Bohol.

Hinagdanan Cave care cheap-places-to-retireSource: etravelpilipinas.com | Google images

Phillips Bukidnon… I grew up here. Those trees were small in the 60s.

Phillips Bukidnon care cheap-places-to-retireSource: eazy traveler and Google images

Imposing Plaridel Church in Bulacan…

Plaridel Church care cheap-places-to-retireSource: cmtungol and of Google images

Lago del Rey man-made lake in Camarines Sur…

Lago del Rey man-made lake care cheap-places-to-retireSource: etravelpilipinas.com | Google images

Historic Oslob Church in Oslob Cebu province

Oslob Church care cheap-places-to-retireSource: discoveringpinas.com

Botona Dahican Beach Resort in Davao Oriental

 Botona Dahican Beach Resort care cheap-places-to-retireSource: wayph.com

Ilocos Norte - Our Lady of Fatima Church in Bacarra…

 Our Lady of Fatima Church cheap-places-to-retireSource: dioceseoflaoag47.blogspot.com

Laguna - Quaint Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

 Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort care cheap-places-to-retireSource: lakwatseradeprimera.com

Mindoro Oriental - One of many Diving Scenes in the province.

 Diving Scenes care cheap-places-to-retireSource: triptophilippines.com

Misamis Oriental – Huge Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador.

 Divine Mercy Shrine care cheap-places-to-retireSource: dipity.com

Negros Oriental - Pulang Bato Falls in Valencia.

 Pulang Bato Falls care cheap-places-to-retireSource: flickriver.com

Nueva Ecija – Ricefield growing with new crop.

 Ricefield care cheap-places-to-retireSource: treklens.com

Palawan - View over Bacuit Bay from El Nido Boutique & Artcafe.

 Bacuit Bay care cheap-places-to-retireSource: travel-philippines.com

Pangasinan – Peek of Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos.

 Hundred Islands National Park care cheap-places-to-retireSource: paraisophilippines.com

Quezon – Copra making in the coconut country…

 Copra making care cheap-places-to-retireSource: cardcow.com

Surigao del Norte – Surfing at Cloud 9 in Siargao island…

 Surfing Siargao care cheap-places-to-retireSource: coolchaser.com

Zambales – Anawangin Cove in San Antonio…

 Anawangin Cove care cheap-places-to-retireSource: tourism-philippines.com

Zamboanga del Norte – Great Dakak Park & Beach Resort

 Dakak Park & Beach Resort care cheap-places-to-retireSource: wanderlass.com

Pictures Of Cheap And Best Philippine Retirement Cities

Should you choose city living in the Philippines, try to learn Tagalog, the national tongue, in order to blend well with the locals… or even watch Tagalog movies. In the meantime…

Here are several pictures of the Philippines’ cheap and best city retirement destinations...

Negros Museum imposing in Bacolod City…

Negros Museum care cheap-places-to-retireSource: myphilippinelife.com | Google images

Philippine Military Academy Cadets in Baguio City…

PMA cadets care cheap-places-to-retireSource: harley palangchao @ flickr.com

Batangas Provincial Capitol in Batangas City...

Batangas Provincial Capitol care cheap-places-to-retireSource: ricobeach.com | Google images

Butuan Real Estate is rising in Butuan City...

Butuan real estate care cheap-places-to-retireSource: butuantoday.tumblr.com | Google images

The St. Agustine Cathedral in Cagayan de Oro City…

St. Agustine Cathedral care cheap-places-to-retireSource: libotero.com|Google images

The busy International Port in Cebu City …

International port in Cebu City care cheap-places-to-retireSource: httpcebuimage.blogspot.com .

The Senior Citizens Park in Dagupan City…

Senior citizens park care cheap-places-to-retireSource: sundaypunch.prepys.com

The beautiful People’s Park in Davao City …

Beautiful peoples park care cheap-places-to-retireSource: wikipedia

The Rizal Blvd by the sea at dusk in Dumaguete City…

Rizal blvd care cheap-places-to-retireSource: philippinetravel.ws|Google images

A sleek view of Bonifacio Drive in Iloilo City…

Bonifacio Drive care cheap-places-to-retireSource: allaboutiloilophilippines.blogspot.com

Imposing St. William the Hermit Cathedral in Laoag City…

St William the Hermit Cathedral care cheap-places-to-retireSource: visita-iglesia.com

Water from the creek and Mayon Volcano in Legazpi City…

Mayon Volcano care cheap-places-to-retireSource: dotpcvc.gov.ph

Lucena City - Borawan Beach at Padre Burgos…

 Borawan Beach care cheap-places-to-retireSource: lakwatseradeprimera.com

Metro Manila – Another view of Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

 Bonifacio Global City care cheap-places-to-retireSource: httpphilippines.forumsland.com

Naga City – Rustic Panicuason Hot Springs Resort.

Panicuason Hot Springs Resort care cheap-places-to-retireSource: naga.gov.ph

Olongapo City – Imposing Subic Bay Freeport

 Subic Bay Freeport care cheap-places-to-retireSource: gazettephilippines.com

Puerto Prinsesa City – Inside the 8.2 Km Underground River

8.2 Km Underground River care cheap-places-to-retireSource: gopalawan.travel

Tacloban City – The imposing San Juanico Bridge

San Juanico Bridge care cheap-places-to-retireSource: gazettephilippines.com

Tagaytay City – Kite flying at Tagaytay Picnic Grove

Tagaytay Picnic Grove care cheap-places-to-retireSource: life-and-leisure.com

San Fernando City - San Fernando International Seaport

 San Fernando International Seaport care cheap-places-to-retireSource: poropointfreeport.org

In closing…

Cheap places to retire in the Philippines can match your simple-to-elegant retirement criteria. Some are the best places to retire around… and some are the best for Philippine holidays, even business.

As you may have observed, the critical needs of retirement are… living cost, safety, health care provision, good weather and recreation. These needs determine which place is the best and the cheapest. So…

Convinced? Does retiring in the Philippines make sense to you?Just simply make up your mind and decide.


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