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Philippines Hotels
satisfy your simple-to-elegant accommodation needs during your oriental holiday in the Philippines. You can get your choice from a wide variety of hotels around. They all have affordable rates and great services.

Many of these establishments offer encouraging discounts… just ask. Their services give you a feeling of importance… you will return. What else?

Let’s delve further…

Viewpoints On Philippines Hotels

General View

Your considerations for Philippines travel, hinge a lot on what kind of accommodation you can expect in-country. There are over 1,500 Philippines hotels of all types in the country that you can choose from... 320 of them are in Metro Manila alone where there are 16 cities in the fold.

Accommodation rates vary at $18-70 per room/person/night for cheap hotels and $150-1,300 for the luxurious. Occupancy averages 51% for all types year round.

All Philippines hotels have free phone calls and internet access… except a few provincial cheap hotels. All offer you deals or tour packages… all give you discounts at 5-50%.

Peak period for all hotels in Philippines is December to May… June to September is lean because of the rains. Some peaks are place-and-event specific, particularly where there are annual festivals.

Accommodation Philippines … It’s Essential

Accommodation in Philippines hotels varies in prices with each hotel type… and even brand name. It is cheaper during the lean June-September interval, and costlier during the December-May peak season.

Hotel Reservation Philippines … Professional And Efficient

Hotel reservation in the Philippines is just a few clicks away online either directly with hotels or via travel agencies… it is free of charge of course. Online booking is common place in the Philippines.

Boracay Hotel Reservations … Among The Must

You can place a Boracay hotel reservation online anywhere in the world. A 5-50% discount depending on the season is a threshold most Boracay hotels advertise. Earlier reservations merit bigger discounts.

Hotels In Manila… The First To Take

There are 92 hotels in Manila City of all kinds as of 2011 to meet your lodging requirements. Manila cheap hotels charge as low as $25 a room/person/night… luxury hotels charge $195-650 a night.

Here’s one, the historic Manila Hotel…

Manila Hotel care philippines-hotelsSource: mymotels.com | Google images

Cebu Hotels … Enhancing The Queen City Of The South

There are 128 hotels of all kinds throughout Cebu. They’re cheaper than Manila’s.

Most Cebu City hotels reach 100% occupancy during the Sinulog festival, Christmas and on high season weekends… though accommodation rates rise to 50%.

A standard room, which used to cost $16 for single occupancy, becomes $24. The most expensive room, which used to cost $31, becomes $59 for a maximum of five guests.

Boracay Hotels … Enrich A Global Premier Destination

Boracay has over 300 hotels of all kinds as of 2011. Most are new and modern. Boracay hotels give you the holiday you have always wanted for countless good reasons… besides being cheaper.

The cheapest like a 22-room hotel charges $18-73/room/person/night. The luxurious like Shangrila Boracay charges $400-580 per room/person/night.

Here’s one, the stunning Monaco Suites De Boracay…

Monaco Suites De Boracay care philippines-hotelsSource: boracay-mega.com | Google images

Baguio Hotels … Spruce The Midway To The Wonders Of Northern Luzon

There are 109 hotels, inns and lodging houses operating in the City with 4,687 rentable rooms as of yet. Prices ranges from $12 to as high as $93 +. Baguio hotels are cheap and everything you need is available.

Here’s one, the Manor Hotel at Camp John hay…

Manor Hotel Camp John Hay
Baguio care philippines-hotelsSource: wiki.alumni.net | Google images

Davao Hotels … Enhancing The Islands' Ethnic Charmer

There are all kinds of hotels in the Davao Region to meet your lodging requirements… 133 of them all as of yet. Cheap hotels there charge as l ow as $18-70 per room a night… the luxurious $150-680 a night.

Here’s one, the Crown Regency…

Crown Regency Hotel Davao care philippines-hotelsSource: mymotels.com | Google images

Angeles City Hotels … Adorn Luzon's Entertainment Capital

Angeles City and Pampanga province have 36 hotels as of yet with conditions approximating Subic’s. Angeles cheap hotels charge as low as $24 a night… the luxurious $195 a night.

Cagayan De Oro Hotels … Carry The Renowned City Of Friendship

There are 54 hotels in Cagayan de Oro City all as of yet (2011) to meet your lodging requirements. Cagayan De Oro cheap hotels charge as low as $22 per room a night… the luxurious $96-115 a night.

Tagaytay Hotels… All You Need In A Cool Getaway

There are 56 hotels in Tagaytay City to meet your lodging requirements. Cheap hotels charge as low as $24 per room a night… the luxurious charge $96-135 a night.

Here’s one, the Kimberley Hotel Tagaytay…

Kimberley Hotel Tagaytay care philippines-hotelsSource: hotelkimberlytagaytay.com | Google images

A Wrap Up

All Philippines hotels can give you the satisfaction for your simple-to-elegant accommodation measures… fulfillment and affordability. Whether you want to see, live or invest in the Philippines, there are always available hotels for you.

Reassured now where to sleep?

Decide, come and SEE, LIVE or INVEST in the Philippines.

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