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Philippines Travel can serve best your simple-to-elegant travel needs. You may just have to know some essentials to get the most out of the allures, uniqueness and peculiarities the country offers.

When you consider to see, live or invest in the Philippines, it helps to know some travel information ahead for your engaging advantage.

Here are some aspects of Philippines travel to serve your measures…

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Getting Into The Country

Visit Philippines … An Option To Enjoy Life

If you have decided to come to the country, you have chosen a top destination choice. After seeing the lures and wonders of the country and having enjoyed life, you will tend to return.

Visa Philippines … You Need It First Of Course

Get your Philippines visa from the Philippine Embassy or consulate office in your country for your Philippines travel. Your choice depends on the travel type you desire… tourist, retirement, business or study.

You can enter the Philippines without visa for a stay not exceeding 21 days, provided you hold valid tickets for your return journey to port of origin or next port of destination and your passport valid for a period of at least 6 months.

Immigration Officers at ports of entry may exercise their discretion to admit holders of passports valid for at least 60 days beyond the intended period of stay.

Philippine Travel Agencies … They Care

Hustle-free Philippines travel, especially for first timers, is what travel agencies in the Philippines could lend you best . They care. They won’t let you pass without clearing your concerns. Some of them are there in your country… they only have branches in the Philippines.

Flights To Manila … Or To The Philippines, It’s The Same

International passenger traffic to Manila or the Philippines rose to 8 million in January-June 2011… carried by 47 international carriers, out of 50 authorized by the Philippine Civil Aeronautics Board (PCAB). Flights to Manila increases each year.

Cheap Flights To Philippines ... Your Advantage

Philippines travel is best and fastest served by international airlines. There are six Philippine commercial carriers flying the international routes with signature low fare flights. The short list is here…

  • Philippine Airlines
  • Cebu Air Pacific
  • Airphil Express
  • Zest Airways
  • South East Asian Airlines
  • Spirit of Manila Airlines

Low Fare Flights … Always A Come On

Yes, low fare flights always make people go for. If Philippine carriers fly in your country, you will get low fare because it is their signature. Other airliners flying to the Philippines have their own budget offers too.

Cheap Flights To Manila… Lots Of Them

The six Philippine international carriers flying cheap to Manila are yours to choose from. They not only compete among themselves but also with other countries’ flag carriers. Let’s start reviewing them briefly…

Philippine Airlines … The First Carrier

History and Ownership - The Philippines’ first international air carrier. Took to the skies on 15 March 1941. Previously owned by the Philippine government. Started privatization after 1986 and finally transferred to Lucio Tan in 1995.

Destinations - 31 international… 29 domestic.
Fleet – 46 aircrafts (7 Boeings, 29 Airbus).
Passengers Flown - 2.04 million international passengers in January-June 2011.

The carrier is yours for your next travel to Philippines.

PAL airbus 340 care philippines-travel

Cebu Pacific... The Budget Carrier

History and Ownership – It’s the Philippines’ second flag carrier. It is 65% owned by its parent company JG Summit. Considered the Philippines’ low fare leader... most number of domestic passengers flown. Based in Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Destinations - 34 domestic… 16 international in 10 Asian countries.
Fleet – 41 A321neo Airbus aircrafts (to double in 2015).
Passengers Flown - Over 10 million in 2010. Their target is 100 million by 2015. Carried 1.3 million in January-June 2011.

The carrier is yours for your next travel to Philippines.

Cebupacific care philippines-travel Source: Wikipedia

Airphil Express … Budget Carrier That Differentiates

History and Ownership - Subsidiary of PAL… formerly called Air Philippines and based in Pasay City. It is the third Philippine flag carrier. It differentiates by offering free check-in baggage… a 15 kg free baggage allowance and an added 7 kg hand carry allowance.

Destinations – 26 domestic routes… 2 international.
Fleet – 17 aircrafts; aims to operate 32 aircrafts by 2012.
Passengers Flown – Over 9 million in 2010-2011 (84,433 were international).

The carrier is yours for your next travel to Philippines.

Here’s an Airphil craft at Ozamiz Airport…

Airphil Express care philippines-travelSource: skyscrapercity.com | Google images

South East Asian Airlines … Founded For Leisure Travel

History and Ownership - Established in 1995 and based in Pampanga. Owned by the Lopez-Gitsis-Dornier triad… the Lopezes controls 60%.

Destinations – 6 domestic; 3 international.
Fleet – 11 operating aircrafts.
Passengers Flown – 90,280 in January-June 2011.

The carrier is yours for your next travel to Philippines.

Southeast Asian Airlines care philippines-travelSource: mi-edem.ru | Google images

Spirit of Manila … "I Am Going Home"

History and Ownership - Incorporated in January 2008. Based in Clark Field, Pampanga. Its slogan is "I Am Going Home" meaning a budget carrier that exudes warmth and comfort of home from origin to destination and return. It is 100% Philippine-owned.

Destinations – Flies to Middle East and East Asia only.
Fleet – 4 operating aircrafts; they’re ordering 7 more Boeings.
Passengers flown – 4,841 in January-June 2011.

The carrier is yours for your next travel to Philippines.

Spirit of Manila care philippines-travelSource: flickr.com | Google images

Zest Airways… It’s Another Choice

History and Ownership - Established as Asian Spirit in September 1995 and started operations in 1996; acquired by Alfredo M. Yao of the Zest-O juice drink in 2008.

Destinations – 20 domestic… 10 international.
Fleet – 10 operating aircrafts.
Passengers Flown – 84,793 in January-June 2011.

The carrier is yours for your next travel to Philippines.

Zest Airways care philippines-travelSource: Google images

Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)… It Competes Well

NAIA is the Philippines’ premier and biggest international airport. Your Philippines travel touches its grounds to begin your vacation in-country. As of yet, 43 airlines operate out of it. It serves 27 million passengers annually… it’s among the world’s 50 busiest airports.

Here's the airport…

NAIA aerial care philippines-travelSource: Google images

In-Country Travel

SuperCat … Local Maritime Speedster

The Supercat is the brand of twin-hulled fast ferry catamaran owned by the Aboitez Shipping. It is 35-45 meters long, cruises at 34 knots, has 245-306 passenger capacity and cuts the traditional travel time by over 50%. Aboitez currently operates 7 vessels in 9 Philippine ports.

Here’s a Supercat docking at the port in Tabilaran City, Philippines, c/o travel-to-philippines…

Supercat care philippines-travelSource: Wikipedia

Philippine Jeepney … The King Of The Road

You can try a Philippine jeepney ride. Even a very short one will let you feel the rarity… it completes your visit. It is called the “king of the road” because it dominates Philippine roadways in number.

Look at this jeepney plying a provincial route, a common sight in Philippines travel…

Philippine jeepney care philippines-travelSource: Bing Images

For now…

Stand By

Informed Philippines travel serves best your simple-to-elegant travel needs. Nothing could be better than that. Add to that the domestic travel mode and you have a resplendent, engaging Philippines travel that has all the character to brighten up your outlook in life… take it.

Convinced? Decide, come and SEE, LIVE or INVEST in the Philippines.

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Share Your Thoughts About The Philippines

Do you have a story or experience to tell about the Philippines? Share it here with the world. Just fill the form below.

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