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The best places to retire in the Philippines are affordable, fulfilling picks for your simple-to-elegant retirement pursuits. Retirement Philippines hinges on your nature and circumstances to decide.

A variety of subjective insights would explain why these places will merit your measures. When it pertains to the Philippines as a retirement destination, these insights would prove helpful for anyone entertaining the idea of retiring in the country.

Here are some you can consider…

Philippines Best Places To Retire - Wish Bill Of Wants

Retiring in the Philippines is a decision you have to plan in advance… the same approach anyone may employ in any place of choice. Expats who have made the Philippines as their retirement home are quick to advice this…

Do a sort of reconnaissance in 1 or 2 of your tourist visits in-country to get a better feel and perspective of your retirement plan.

Here are a retiree’s wish bill of wants you will definitely find in-country…

Retiree Wish Bill Of Wants For An Affordable, Fulfilling Quality Of Life In The Philippines

  1. Affordable cost of living
  2. English-speaking, warm people
  3. Affordable and available medical/health care system
  4. Friendly retirement environment
  5. Lots of places to travel in-country.
  6. Availability of volunteer opportunities for worthy causes
  7. Wide variety of recreational activities
  8. Good tropical weather/climate
  9. A place that best meets your safety needs
  10. Availability of places for hobbies & sports
  11. Availability of cultural, political, or religious amenities
  12. What works for you
  13. Enhancing economy for investment or business
  14. Acceptability of real property tax (it’s 6%)
  15. No language barrier

And here are the details of the cost of living…

Living Cost/Month In The Philippines (among the world's cheapest)

  1. Housing Costs (rentals) = $150-1000/mo.
  2. Transportation Costs = $40/mo.
  3. Average cost of Monthly Utilities =$135-275.
  4. Maid Services=$100.
  5. Cost for Food and Drinks=$150-200.
  6. Healthcare Costs=$150 (for insurance).
  7. Clothing Costs=$12 (you don’t buy clothes each month).

Total = $737-1777 – This amount allows you to retire rich in the Philippines, which is among the world’s cheapest places to retire. If your budget is $1777, you can even travel in-country each month. How’s that?

Best Places To Retire… Philippine Provinces

The Philippines has 80 provinces. There are very few you ought not to go. Here is our best places to retire list as of yet…

20 Top Philippine Retirement Provinces (alphabetically-ordered)

  1. Aklan
  2. Batangas
  3. Bohol
  4. Bukidnon
  5. Bulacan
  6. Camarines Sur
  7. Cebu
  8. Davao (Norte, Sur or Oriental)
  9. Ilocos Norte
  10. Laguna
  11. Mindoro (Oriental/Occidental)
  12. Misamis Oriental
  13. Negros Oriental
  14. Nueva Ecija
  15. Palawan
  16. Pangasinan
  17. Quezon
  18. Surigao del Norte
  19. Zambales
  20. Zamboanga del Norte

Best Places To Retire… Philippine Cities

There are 138 cities in the Philippines as of yet. Here is our current top list…

20 Top Philippine Retirement Cities (alphabetically-ordered)

  1. Bacolod City
  2. Baguio City
  3. Batangas City
  4. Butuan City
  5. Cagayan de Oro City
  6. Cebu City
  7. Dagupan City
  8. Davao City
  9. Dumaguete City
  10. Iloilo City
  11. Laoag City
  12. Legazpi City
  13. Lucena City
  14. Metro Manila
  15. Naga City
  16. Olongapo City
  17. Puerto Prinsesa City
  18. Tacloban City
  19. Tagaytay City
  20. San Fernando City

Note: Housing cost for Metro Manila = $500-1500. For Cebu City and Davao City = $300-900. The rest = $200-700. Outside Metro Manila, Cebu City and Davao City, everything is cheaper… the more you can live like a king as Bob Martin, an expat in Davao, avers.

I may have missed mentioning 5-10 other picks which are other people’s or your favorites… please bear with my being subjective.

Pictures Of Best Places To Retire… Philippine Provinces

Pictures speak a thousand faces. We have here some...

White Beach in Aklan’s famous Boracay Island

Boracay island care best-places-to-retireSource: krizzyla.blogspot.com | Google images

Going and enjoying cliff jumping in Batangas

Cliff jumping Batangas care best-places-to-retireSource: blog.travelpod.com | Google images

The uncommon site of Bangui Windmills of Ilocos Norte…

Banguid windmills care best-places-to-retireSource: Google images

The easily captivating, enthralling Nagsasa Cove in Zambales province (undeveloped yet, but very beautiful)…

Nagsasa Cove care best-places-to-retireSource: gino.mempin c/o flickr.com | Google images

The enthralling Chocolate Hills Viewdeck in Bohol…

Chocolate Hills viewdeck care best-places-to-retireSource: Google images

The enticing Seagull Mountain Resort in Bukidnon and Davao

Seagull Mountain ResortSource: Google images

The enthralling <b>Duka Bay Resort</b> in Misamis Oriental…

Duka Bay Resort care best-places-to-retireSource: Google images

The beautiful Caramoan Islands of Camarines Sur… preferred location setting of the international versions of the popular TV reality show called Survivor.

Caramoan Islands care best-places-to-retireSource: yousaytoo.com | Google images

The treasurable Aliwagwag Falls of Catel, Davao Oriental… 84 cascading falls in varying heights, 6-110 feet…

Aliwagwag Falls of Davor care best-places-to-retireSource: Google images

A stunning beach resort in south Cebu

Beach resort south Cebu care best-places-to-retireSource: Google images

Adventure crave with Surfing Siargao in Surigao del Norte…a powerful hollow right hander wave break locally called ‘cloud nine’, touted as among the world’s best.

Surfing Siargao care best-places-to-retireSource: Google images

The mystifying beauty of El Nido in Palawan…

El Nido Palawan care best-places-to-retireSource: gopalawan.travel | Google Images

Pictures Of Best Places To Retire… Philippine Cities

Here are some engaging photos to pamper your eyes...

The modern, emerging business hub of Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City care best-places-to-retireSource: mabuhaycity.com | Google images

A scintillating view of Cebu City

Cebu City care best-places-to-retireSource: nakedusers.co.uk | Google images

A peek at Davao City

Davao City care best-places-to-retireSource: Google images

A glimpse of San Fernando City in La Union Province…

San Fernando City care best-places-to-retireSource: philippinetravel.ws | Google images

Aerial view of CDO (Cagayan de Oro City)…

CDO care best-places-to-retireSource: pbase.com | Google images

A look at cool, highland getaway Tagaytay City in Cavite province…

Tagaytay City care best-places-to-retireSource: pbase.com | Google images

In closing…

The best places to retire in the Philippines are affordable, fulfilling destinations that can meet your simple-to-elegant home pursuits. You can retire rich in the Philippines according to your circumstances and temperament.

Convinced? Does retiring in the Philippines make sense to you? Just decide, else...

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