“ About Me: I Have Resolved To Resist The Storm Until
None Will Follow “

“With Or Without Fair Winds...
I’ll Keep On Sailing”

Hello… this page is About Me.

I'm Romeo Madronero. Natural-born Filipino… native to the land called the Philippines.

This chronicles the events on how I came about building a travel website… a piece of work I was so sure would bring me the benefits I’ve long wanted.

I am a retired Colonel of the Philippine Marine Corps. I have seven children. I only have one wife… maybe it has something to do with my religion and culture, or just plain destiny.

I started trawling the Internet in November 2008. I was initially enthralled with music, photos and Facebook. Around February 2009, ideas about making money online hit my attention. It was a natural spice to my perennial dream to own a successful traditional business which I have nurtured since 1985.

The Long Series of Blows About Me

I had around 18 micro business sorties, maybe even more, during the 1985-2010 interval and all failed. It was a grand slam FAILURE about me. Would there be more?

The answer is this…

This old soldier will never cry and even refuses to fade away.

I hope General MacArthur would not castigate me for saying a little bit differently his famous signature phrase some six decades ago.

As of 2010, my dream to own a successful traditional business had already reached 26 years. My Marine temperament remained ready and willing to accept more failures until none will follow. I will persevere… I resolved. Until I deviated from thinking traditional business to digital.

I had no idea about online business. I was merely looking for a means to beat my family’s rising monthly expenses. I investigated surveys, data entry, rebate processing and internet marketing. It was internet marketing that I found most acceptable. The others were just scams.

I found a legitimate membership site in June 2009 but I did not join immediately. Instead, I procrastinated and internet marketing eventually slipped from my head. By October 2010, I regained my attraction to online business only to find out that the membership site I found in 2009 had already more than doubled its price.

I got stuck. Nevertheless, I thought to go ahead with that site. What was just holding me from joining outright was the long processing of my debit card for eventual accreditation with Paypal.

While waiting for my debit card, I reviewed the site more and more. It seemed nothing about me could dissuade my thoughts of being convinced with that site… but one night I changed course.

In December 2010, I’ve read again a resource on SEO which I have saved the previous year. There I came across a short list of internet marketing’s real giants and pioneers. I randomly Googled the background of five of those huge names. I planned to read the others the following day.

I scanned the five names, one after another. I found their works remarkable… the kind that only comes from the best. I discovered that they were among the trailblazers, the formators and original concept makers of what is today’s internet marketing. Giants indeed.

They were more solid and their track records were bewildering. They have one thing in common… they are among the world’s frequent global travelers. Nothing about me could come near their status.

My SBI Journey Began

Reading those 5 internet marketing giants that night in December 2010 saved me from signing up with the company I have previously chosen. I’m overly thankful I persevered a little more when I read them that night.

I was already very tired and was feeling very sleepy when I probed the fourth giant. But I even decided to go one more name… Ken Evoy of SiteSell.

The next day, I stayed reading Site Sell until dawn… which made me completely abandon my first choice. After one week, my debit card came. I immediately applied for a monthly Solo Build It subscription on 15 February 2011… by June, I shifted to the annual mode. From there, I crawled…

I crawled building a travel site about the Philippines which aims to provide prior invaluable information to travelers about seeing, living or investing in the Philippines. I just went on very slowly and filed my first ever domain on 22 June 2011. Thus, the birth of this site… Top Destination Choice The Philippines.com.

By 27 August, my home page was up after 2 months… evidently I was stuck up. By 09 February 2012, I reached my 30-page milestone… and still crawling, site traffic is building up. What’s next?

I can only keep on crawling, crawling like a Marine until I reach my own line of success… an evidence of a solid earning small online business built on a truly 1000% effective, workable platform. Updates will come in due time. 

I initially projected to start earning by 2012 at 200 unique visitors a day, but I delayed it until I'll reach 300. I'm quite sure I would make it this year 2013. 

Thanks For Stopping By

So long… Romeo.

If you have any other inquiries, comments or suggestions, please feel free to CONTACT ME.

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