" Philippine Islands Fit An Ideal Destination "

"Discover A Country Of Islands, An Outstanding Place To See,
Live Or Invest In"

The Philippine Islands as a nation state has it all to satisfy your simple-to-elegant measures for a place to see, live or invest in. The thrills and opportunities abound from Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao.

The destination is now collectively called the Republic of the Philippines. Its 7,107 islands formed the world’s fifth longest coastline… a 36,289-kilometer span.

Here are some facts you may explore…

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Here We Go…

Philippines Economy... It Has Emerged

If you intend to run a business in the Philippine Islands, you’re on the right track to succeed. The Philippine has liberalized.

That means, among others, you can make 35-50% savings in your operating cost compared to US business operations. Or avail of 40-100% foreign ownership in domestic corporations, retail trade enterprises or export businesses.

Philippine Revolution … The Necessity

You can widen your knowledge of Philippine history with accounts of the Philippine revolution. Reading about it may suffice, but walking the space where it actually happened elates more.

You can see Caloocan City today, where the revolution started against Spain. You can see Manila Bay where Spanish rule ended only to start a new one… against the Americans.

And you can see Rizal Park where it all ended… the Americans granted Philippine independence. Here's the park...

Rizal Park care philippine-islands” title=”Rizal Park on a clear day care philippine-islands” width=Source: Wikipedia

Philippines Map … The Territory

The Philippine Islands is located in the Pacific Basin. Its geography is parceled into 3 main groups…

  • Luzon – Largest island marking Northern Philippines.
  • Visayas – Island group marking Central Philippines.
  • Mindanao – 2nd largest island marking Southern Philippines.

Here’s a simple map of the Philippines you can use in knowing the general places in the country...

Philippines Map care philippine-islands

Source: Wikipedia

A Bit Of Philippine History

Philippines history dates back to as early as 67,000 years ago. Philippines facts would show that Philippine history is written in blood, sweat and tears.

Its many twists, its account of wars and numerous conflicts framed, among others, the present Pinoy culture.

The Enduring Bahay Kubo

You might want to see up close the bahay kubo. It is a nipa hut, an indigenous Philippine house traditionally constructed with bamboo using nipa, cogon, or anahaw leaves for roofing.

The bahay kubo still exists today, especially in the rural areas. In recent years, it has gained a new definition… elegance.

Many resort operators in-country, built classy bahay kubo’s in their accommodation lines. Some rich Filipinos built stylish counterparts as their vacation houses.

Here’s a shot of an elegant bahay kubo...

Elegant bahay kubo care philippine-islands
Image by: buchick | www.flickr.com

Flores de Mayo… Flowers of May

The Flores de Mayo is a Catholic festival held in the Philippines for the whole month of May in honor of the Virgin Mary. It culminates in a religious-historical beauty pageant called “Santacruzan”… where the winning beauty is crowned Reyna Elena.

The Spaniards introduced the festival in Malolos, Bulacan in 1867 when young girls would make floral offerings to the Virgin Mary in the parish church. Since then, it became a Filipino tradition.

Look at this Flores de Mayo Santacruzan scene somewhere in Laguna Philippines...

Flores de mayo care philippine-islands
Source: San Antonio De Padua | www.flickr.com

Shining Cultural Center Of The Philippines

Your love for the arts will have its nourishment from this Center. It is located in the city of Manila. The design of the edifice expresses one aspect of Filipino architecture. It can ably handle any of the world’s biggest plays and musicale.

The Majestic Cultural Center Of The Philippines
 Cultural Center Of The Philippines facade
Source: marksenubio.wordpress.com

Conserving The Philippine Eagle

You can find this endangered eagle only in the Philippine Islands. It dwells on the steep mountains of Mindanao.

For rarity’s sake, you should see the bird to obtain unforgettable experience. You can encounter the bird in a conservation habitat in Davao City operated by the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

Look at this Philippine eagle majestically extending her wings…

Philippine eagle care philippine-islands
Source: Google Images

The Philippine Tarsier, So Little So Treasurable

The uniqueness, the peculiarities of the Philippines give you satisfaction more than the usual at the least cost nowhere else available. Take it from the very rare endangered Philippine tarsier, one of the world’s smallest primates.

It is so small… you could pamper it on your palm. You can watch the Tarsier in a sanctuary in Bohol run by the Philippine Tarsier Foundation.

Here she is...

Tarsier care philippine-islands
Image by: Wikipedia

For now…

In Closing

The Philippine Islands is an ideal destination for tourism, business or home settlement. It’s a nation state that has it all to satisfy your simple-to-elegant measures for a place to see, live or invest in.

Hopefully, the invaluable information you obtained here have given you some clarifications and suitability to picture what a top destination choice the Philippines is.

If you are convinced...

Come and SEE, LIVE or INVEST in the Philippines.

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Share Your Thoughts About The Philippines

Do you have a story or experience to tell about the Philippines? Share it here with the world. Just fill the form below.

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