“ Rizal Park Is Rest-Recreation-History-Fit “

“It Caters Best To Children”

Rizal Park meets your diverse rest, recreational and historical pursuits. Among the many urban parks in the Philippines, this one caters best to children.

The 58-hectare park generates some of your simple-to-elegant wants for a place to promenade. About 30,000 persons visit it daily.

More insights ahead…

Rizal Park… Yesterday

It was a marshy land called Bagumbayan in pre-Spanish times. When the Spaniards came, they transformed it into a promenade and named it Luneta.

Rizal Park In 1899

On afternoons, Manila’s elite frequent the place. It was a locale for special events, celebrations, parades and execution.

In 1917, at the instance of the Americans and after their own brand of tyranny, Luneta officially became Rizal Park… a tribute to Dr. Jose Rizal.

The Park Circa 1917
Luneta in 1917

The centerpiece of the park is the monument of Jose Rizal erected in 1913. In the photo next, the monument is on the left. Notice how bald the place was.

Luneta in 1910 (1st American Occupation)
Luneta in 1910

The park have witnessed major fragments of Philippine history… political, theatrical and sporting events.

Inaugural Parade At The Park In 1949
1949 inaugural parade

The park was also enlivened with carnivals and even rodeos. Simply said, those were in those days.

Then I saw the 70s…

I first saw and set foot on the park in 1973 when I joined the Armed Forces of the Philippines. It was a safe place to stroll. The trees were fewer and not so tall.

Luneta in 1973
Luneta in 1973

The Agrifina Circle was sporting the fountained globe and the skating rink around it.

Agrifina Circle, 1970’s
Agrifina circle 1970s

Rizal Park… Today

It’s the 21st century… the executions, the carnival and the rodeos are gone.

The enduring centerpiece has remained in place.

Rizal Monument Circa 2012
Rizal Monument

From a bit farther, notice the trees in the background of the photo below. Those were not there in 1913.

Green Around The Monument
 Green around the monument

In the evening, the monument is another beauty to behold.

Rizal Monument At Night
Rizal monument at night

The trees in the park have grown bigger and taller. More have been added. The park is no longer bald. It is cooler these days than in the 70’s.

The Tall Trees of Luneta in 2012
Tall trees 2012

The Agrifina Circle has a new look. A huge Lapu-Lapu monument supplanted the fountained globe. The trees in the vicinity have really grown taller… and increased.

Agrifina Circle in 2005
Agrifina circle 2005

Tourists see the park increasingly each year. Interestingly, South Koreans are usual sites out there these days. In the 70’s, they were not around.

They never miss seeing the huge edifice below which was donated by the South Korean Freedom League in 2004.

Agrifina Circle in 2005
Lapu-Lapu statue

At this juncture, I’ll cut my verbiage and go graphics.

Photos of Note

You surely would love following:

Manila Skyscrapers West Of The Park
Manila Skyscrapers

Philippines Flag & Veritable Manila Hotel, 2012
Philippines Flag & Veritable Manila Hotel, 2012

Never Mind The Darkening Clouds
 Darkening Clouds

Geese By The Central Lagoon
Geese by the central lagoon

A Clear Day At The Park
A clear day at the park

Early Afternoon At The Park
Early afternoon at the park

Tourists Taking Mementos
Tourists taking mementos

Dancing Fountain At Day
Dancing Fountain At Day

Promenaders Starting To Grow Into The Night
Promenaders starting to grow into the night

Where Children Play
 Where Children Play

Tranvia Ride
Tranvia Ride

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride
Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

Chinese Garden & Lagoon
 Chinese Garden & Lagoon

Japanese Garden & Lagoon
 Japanese Garden & Lagoon

Botanical Garden
Rado Flower Clock

Rado Flower Clock
Rado Flower Clock

Memento Where Rizal Was Exactly Executed
Rizal execution site memento

Kilometer Zero Marker And Centennial Clock
Kilometer Zero Marker And Centennial Clock

Dancing Fountain At Night
Dancing Fountain

First New Year Countdown, 2011
First New Year countdown 2011

2012 New Year Countdown
New Year countdown 2012

What The Future Holds

The park will remain a perfect ground for public recreation and relaxation and knowing history.

The future is only going to be more positive.

It’s a park my children and posterity would frequent later on and compare what I have written thus far.

Wrap Up

Rizal Park is your rest and recreation and history fit. It naturally and spiritually uplifts the Filipino national psyche.

There is something in the source of the name… Jose Rizal, the patriot and martyr.

If there’s something you want to clarify, please Contact Me.

Convinced? Come and SEE, LIVE or INVEST in The Philippines.

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