" Cultural Center Of The Philippines Charms "

“Where Artistic Filipino Brilliance Shines”

The Cultural Center Of The Philippines imparts the artistic excellence of Filipino artists. Yes, Filipino culture and Philippine art shine at the Center. It is home to arts and artists… both local and international.

The Cultural Center Of The Philippines (CCP) is a must-visit sojourn. A few hours in a day seeing the premises of the CCP would already please your eyes… or kindle your soul.

Majestic CCP Main Building
CCP Main Building

A night of musical or theatrical experience at the CCP like a gala concert would make your stay in-country worthwhile.

Rubies: Gems in Philippine Performing Arts Concert
The Rubies Gala Concert at the CCP Main Theater
Source: aappac.net

Another treasurable experience at the CCP is a showcase of world-class designs of top Filipino couturiers.

Dazzling Designs Of Top Filipino Couturiers
Top Filipino couturiers designs
Source: flickr.com


The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) was created as a government corporation by President Ferdinand Marcos in 1966. Its mission is to nurture and promote artistic excellence, Filipino aesthetics and identity, and positive cultural values towards a humanistic global society.

Here's the simple logo of CCP...

Simple CCP Logo
CCP logo

The CCP was formally inaugurated on September 8, 1969

Its inaugural production was the musical Golden Salakot: Isang Dularawan… an epic portrayal of Panay Island.


The CCP is headed by a Chairman who is assisted by a President. It has an 8-Man Board Of Trustees. It has 12 management staff entities.

The CCP has nine resident performing companies…

Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra

This is the country’s leading orchestra and is widely regarded as one of the top musical ensembles in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Mighty Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra
Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra

Ballet Philippines

This company is globally recognized as the country’s flagship, world-class ballet and contemporary dance company.

Its principal dancers, Candice Adea and Jean Marc Cordero, were named winners at the Helsinki Ballet Competition in June 2012. Candice Adea won First Prize in the Senior Women’s Division.

Candice Adea and Jean Marc Cordero–Winning Form
Candice Adea and Jean Marc
Image by: pinoyvision.blogspot.com/

Philippine Ballet Theater

This is the Philippines’ premier classical ballet company. It has made national and international tours presenting its Filipino and Western repertoire.

The Outstanding Philippine Ballet Theatre
Philippine Ballet Theatre

Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group

This company showcases authentic pieces based on its collection of documented research of the 50 ethno-linguistic groups' dances and rituals.

Magnificent Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group In Action
Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group
Image by: flickr.com

Tanghalang Pilipino

This company considers the stage as a medium of social awareness and education.

ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Musical By Tanghalang Pilipino
ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Musical
Image by: vintersections.com

Philippine Madrigal Singers

The Philippine Madrigal Singers, also known as The Madz, are perennial winners in very prestigious and tough international choral competitions.

UST Symphony Orchestra

This company is composed of qualified members who were winners of different national music competitions and who have participated in music scholarship grants abroad.

The Mighty UST Symphony Orchestra
UST Symphony Orchestra
Image by: tippiocampo.com

National Music Competitions For Young Artists (NAMCYA)

This company holds an annual national competition that seeks to encourage young artists to excel in music composition and performance.

Delightful NAMCYA In Action
Image by: namcya.tumblr.com

Bayanihan Philippine National Folk Dance Company

This company strives to preserve and introduce indigenous dances to the world. It is one of the Philippines’ Bests.

Enchanting Bayanihan Folk Dance Company
Bayanihan Folk Dance Company
Source: Image by: ramonlopez | flickr.com


With a P400-million annual budget and 9 resident companies, the CCP welcomes over 300,000 visitors, presents over 10,000 artists in 700 performances, reaches 200,000 audiences, and thousands more by radio and television.

CCP operates 5 theaters…

The 1,821-Guest Capacity CCP Main Theater
CCP Main Theater

The 421-Guest Capacity Little Theater
CCP little theater

The 8,458-Man Sitting Folk Arts Theater
Folk arts theater

The Pretty Studio Theater
Studio theater

The Notable Dream Theater
Dream theater

The CCP also gets involved in…

  • Mass Media
  • Cultural Exchange Program
  • Arts Education
  • Outreach Program
  • Library and Archives
  • Museum
  • Galleries and Exhibit halls

The Arts-Extensive CCP Library
CCP Library
Image by: urbanroamer.wordpress.com

Exquisite CCP Museum
CCP Museum

Main Gallery
CCP Main Gallery

Little Theater LobbyLittle Theater Lobby

Third Floor Hallway Third Floor Hallway

Small Gallery Small Gallery

4th Floor Museum Hallway Fourth Floor Museum Hallway

Second Floor HallwaySecond Floor Hallway

Looking Ahead

The 62-hectare Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex property is headed for a 10-year redevelopment. The plan will convert empty spaces into cultural buildings and commercial establishments.

The 4-phase master development plan will center on seven iconic buildings with a budget of P13 billion ($302M).

Here’s the winning master plan concept…

Wrap Up

Indeed, the Cultural Center Of The Philippines is a Filipino institution that renders artistic excellence. It reveals the dynamics of Filipino culture and the arts throughout the Philippines.

The Cultural Center Of The Philippines binds not just Filipino artists and Philippine arts and culture, but also those from other countries.

To get more information about the CCP, visit its website at http://culturalcenter.gov.ph/.

If you are convinced, consider to come and SEE, LIVE or INVEST in the Philippines.

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