" Misamis Occidental Fits Your Tours, Residential And Trade Needs "

"There’s Always A Top Philippine Provincial Destination Choice"

Misamis Occidental
offers broad amenities and pervading culture and heritage, and inspiring pilgrimage. Along with other Philippine provinces, it meets your tours, home or business wants.

Once Northern Mindanao’s center of influence in the mid-18th century, it is regaining prominence today. Its current impressive economic gains indicate business opportunities.

As an agro-fishery-industrial dynamo, it meets your needs for a historical, cultural and pilgrimage destination with mixed urban-rural setting.


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Useful Information


Here’s a simple Map of Misamis Occidental


Rainiest in August-November and driest in February-April. 

Brief History

The province was previously called Misamis. It was originally peopled by indigenous people called Lumads, in which the Subanon tribe was dominant. Circa 1700s, Misamis was threatened by marauding pirates from nearby Lanao.   

The pirates used to abduct 500 Filipinos a year to sell as slaves to the Dutch’s United East India Company in Java, or to the Portuguese in Jakarta. Northern Mindanao was hardest hit, particularly Misamis.  

To evade the pirates, many Subanons migrated to Misamis Oriental and Zamboanga del Norte, particularly Dapitan.

In 1756, Father Ducos built the Fort Santiago Ozamis to defend against the pirates. He named it ‘El Fuerte De Nuestra Señora Del La Concecion Del Triunfo’ (Our Lady of Triumph) in honor of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. He also created a naval armada he himself commanded.

In 1929, Misamis Occidental was founded following the division of Misamis into two… the other half is Misamis Oriental.

In World War II, the province was briefly occupied by the Japanese invaders. It was liberated in 1945.

Finally, peace embraced the province.

Its capital is Oroquieta City which also seats the Provincial Capitol.


The province has 3 cities… Ozamiz, Oroquieta, and Tangub.

It has 14 towns… Aloran, Baliangao, Bonifacio, Calamba, Clarin, Concepcion, Don Victoriano, Jimenez, Lopez Jaena, Panaon, Plaridel, Sapang Dalaga, Sinacaban, and Tudela.


The province is a 1.5-hour flight from the Manila Airport. The Ozamiz City Airport is in Gango.

Get around the province by bus, mini-bus, van, jeepney, tricycle, motorcab or pedicab.


The dominant tongue in the province is Cebuano. The people also speak Tagalog and English. A native dialect called Subanon is spoken by the Subanon Tribe.

Historical  Attractions in Misamis Occidental

Fort Santiago (Cotta) in Ozamis City

This fort is an officially declared historical landmark. It was built in 1756 by Jesuit Fr. Jose Ducos as defense against marauding Muslim pirates. (Image by: skyscraprecity.com)

There's a vintage cannon at the fort…(Image by: journeysandtravels.com) 

Outside the western wall of the Fort is the Shrine of the Nuestra Señora de la Conception del Triunfo (Our Lady of Triumph). The miraculous Image of the Immaculate Conception is carved on the walls of the Fort. Its size is enlarging over time. Pilgrims from all over the country visit it.

Bukagan Hill in Malaubang, Ozamis City

Atop this 92-meter hill are four massive bells named “St. Peter”, “St. Marien”, “St. Joseph” and “St. Michael.” The bells were intended for the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. However, the bells were too heavy at 7 tons for the cathedral's belfry.

Century-Old Nazareno Dam in Plaridel

Heritage Houses

There are several ancestral homes in the province. Here's the Baccaro Ancestral House which is now being used as a printing house...

And also this Jose Ozamiz ancestral house...

Cultural Attractions in Misamis Occidental

Pipe Organ of Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Ozamis City

Composed of 1,936 pipes, it is the only pipe organ in Mindanao. It is only surpassed in size by the pipe organ of the Manila Cathedral.

Pas'ungko S'g Mis Occ Festival of all Festivals

This festival commemorates the Founding Anniversary of the province. It is held every 1st week of November. Pas’ungko is a Subanen word for ‘thanksgiving’.

Dalit Festival of Tangub City

This festival celebrates the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel every 29th of September. Dalit means ‘offering’.

Subayen Keg Subanon Festival (Ozamiz City)

A week-long festivity marking the feast of Nuestra Señora de la Conception del Triunfo (Our Lady of Triumph) every 16 July each year. Here are real Subanon Tribesfolk at the Subayen Keg Subanon Festival

Sinacaban Fluvial Procession

It’s an event practiced by the Aglipayan catholics of Sinacaban honoring Saint Joseph. (Image by: flickr.com)

Natural Attractions in Misamis Occidental

Mount Malindang Range Natural Park

This 53,000-Hectare Asean Heritage Park is a wildlife sanctuary to such species as the Philippine eagle, Philippine deer and tarsier. It’s a great bird watching site, too.

Lake Duminagat in Don Victoriano

Still unspoiled and part of Mount Malindang Range…

Sibucal Hot Spring (Oroquieta City)

Natural hot spring in Mount Malindang Range, ten kilometers from Oroquieta City proper. (Image by: panoramio.com)

Siatong Falls in Mount Malindang Range

Siatong Falls Image by: gedul56

Guiban Falls of Conception

Guiban FallsImage by: skyscrapercity.com

Sapang Dalaga Falls of Sapang Dalaga

Formerly called Baga Falls.

Piduan Falls in Don Victoriano

The waters of this falls gush out from the cliffs… similar to that of Asik-Asik Falls in Alamada, North Cotabato. (Image by: panoramio.com)

Sunrise Beach (Baliangao)

Stretch of fine, white sandy beach, best for swimming and boating. (Image by: skyscrapercity.com)

Man-Made Attractions in Misamis Occidental

Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park (MOAP)

The province’ top resort destination co-located along the mangroves of Tudela and Sinacaban. It is inherently a wildlife sanctuary for both marine and terrestrial animals.

Here's part of the park’s network of boardwalks….

MOAP’s Long Boardwalk Stretching Seaward
MOAP Long Boardwalk

A MOAP Inn at the park… (Image by: juanguide.com)

The main attraction of MOAP is this offshore man-made structure called Dolphin Island which serves as rehabilitation center for injured dolphins.

Swimming with Playful Dolphins at Dolphin Island
Playful DolphinsImage by: skyscrapercity.com

Naomi’s Botanical Garden and Tourist Inn in Ozamis City

This 13-hectare garden showcases a variety of plants and flowers, orchards and other different species of flora and fauna.

Hoyohoy Highland Park in Tangub City

A scenic, cool adventure park. It operates two ziplines,  the country’s longest. (Image by: boyetstour.blogspot.com)

Regina Swimming Pool of Ozamis City

It offers a natural pool from the cool Calusaran Springs.

Coco Island Resort in Clarin

Coco Island ResortImage by: skyscrapercity.com

RAFI Beach Resort in Baliangao

At low tide… (Image by: skyscrapercity.com)

Circiaco Pastrano Hanging Bridge (Oroquieta City)

A 75-meter long, 20 feet high hanging bridge connecting barangay Layawan and Taboc Norte.

Villa Roberta Garden Resort (Tangub City)

Roma's Swimming Pool & Zipline in Tangub City

Oroquieta City Plaza

Located in front of the Oroquieta City Hall… considered as the mini Luneta Park of the province.

Cotta Park and Shrine

The public park in the vicinity of Fort Santiago Ozamis.

Religious Places of Interest in Misamis Occidental


Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Ozamis City

Immaculate Conception CathedralImage by: pinasmuna.com

Oroquieta City Parish Church

St. John the Baptist Church of Jimenez

in Misamis Occidental

You will always find a good place to stay in the province at $7.00-51.21 price range.  


Royal Garden Hotel in Ozamis City – Starts at $12.00 (P495)

Plaza Beatriz Hotel, Ozamis City – Starts at $13.41 (P550)

Rhovics Place Hotel & Restaurant in Oroquita City – Starts at $14.60 (P600)

Sheena Hotel in Oroquita City – Starts at $29.26 (P1,200)

Executive Villa at Naomi’s Botanical Garden – Starts at $109.75 (P4,500)

Where to Eat in Misamis Occidental

The province has many simple-to-finest restaurants. At $5-12 (P200-500), you can have your fill.


La Veranda Restaurant

House of Suman in Clarin

House of Suman(Image by: atmytabletop.com)

Palayan Seafood Restaurant in Sinacaban

Delicacies of Misamis Occidental

Moron of Plaridel

A sweet tasty treat made of glutinous rice or rice flour mix, chocolate, sugar and coconut milk, rolled and wrapped in banana leaves then boiled or steamed. 

Suman of Clarin – The World’s Best of Its Kind

The specialty of Clarin is hard to miss. It’s my favorite anytime of the day. It’s made from ‘malagkit’ rice, pure coconut milk and sugar.

Shopping in Misamis Occidental

The province has adequate and increasing shopping establishments which also count national brands.

Gaisano Mall in Ozamis City

Ozamis Public Mall

The biggest public mall in Northwestern Mindanao.

Souvenir Shop at Aquamarine Park

Souvenir Shop(Image by: flickr.com)

Nightlife in Misamis Occidental

There are very few outlets to swing in the province during the night. So far, the best is…

Celtic Lounge in Ozamis City

Celtic Lounge Happy Customers at Celtic Lounge in Ozamis City. (Image by: skyscrapercity.com)

Economic Beat of Misamis Occidental

As elsewhere throughout the country, the province’s economy is on the upsurge.

Some major contributors…

JOMI (Jimenez Oil Mill, Inc.) in Jimenez

Produces crude coconut oil and copra expeller cake/meal. (Image by: Google)

Expanding Ozamis Seaport

Fuel and Oil Depot

Three of the countries’ top oil firms operate fuel and oil depot in Jimenez. (Image by: skyscrapercity.com)

Live or Retire in
Misamis Occidental


The province is safe to live in or retire. The people are friendly and religious. You could rent a mid-range house there at $187-625/month (P7,500-25,000). Cost of goods is low.


The province can adequately meet your or your family’s academic needs.

Two examples…

Misamis University in Ozamis City
Ricefield and Coconut GrooveImage by: skyscrapercity.com

La Salle University Ozamiz
LaSalle OzamizImage by: alltravels.com


The province has adequate medical/healthcare providers to serve your needs.


Medina General Hospital in Ozamis City
Medina General HospitalA tertiary private hospital.

MHARS (Mayor Hilarion A. Ramiro Sr. Regional Training and Teaching Hospital)
MHARSA tertiary government hospital.

Invest in Misamis Occidental

Banks and Financial Institutions

Ozamis City has 30 banks and other types of financial institutions; Oroquita City has 18; and, Tangub City has 1. At least 7 towns of the province have a rural bank.


The province’ communications infrastructure is more than adequate.

Real Estate

The province’s real estate industry is exploding.

Labor Force       

English-speaking, highly trainable, artistic, and creative in any job.

Cost of Doing in Business 

Doing business in the province is 35-40% cheaper than California’s. It offers tax incentives.

Indicators of Good Business Environment

The province is booming, so get your radar active for business opportunities.

Wrap Up

Misamis Occidental is a provincial destination that meets your tours, residence and/or business needs. It is an agro-fishery-industrial hub that fits your measures of a place to see, live or invest in.

If you want to clarify something, please Contact Me.

Want to experience Misamis Occidental?

Convinced? Come and SEE, LIVE or INVEST in The Philippines.

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