“ Manny Pacquiao: From Hunger To Fame And Glory “

“From Boxing To Acting, Recording
And Politics”

This chronicles the rise of Manny Pacquiao… the boxing icon the world is raving these days. It’s all about his rise from hunger to fame and glory.

Its context revolves around his biography, his boxing record, even his funny pictures, few of his big fights, and his political adventure. It is all for your simple-to-elegant sporting regard.

Here are the short bits and pieces of this narrative…

Manny Pacquiao Biography

The man was born on December 17, 1978 in Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines. He is a high school drop out due to extreme poverty.

He is married to Jinkee Jamora, and they have four children. He left his home for Manila at age 14 to earn and help his poor mother via what he knows best... boxing.

He succeeded and still is… having earned a billion peso or sofrom 1995 to 2011. He is the first Filipino athlete who made this much money.

He joined politics and became a Congressman in 2010. He also became a military reservist with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army. He is also into acting, and music recording.

Here’s the man when he threw the ceremonial pitch for the Giants-Padres baseball match at the AT&T Park in San Francisco in 2009…

Manny Pacquiao pitch ceremony care manny-pacquiaoSource: Google Images

Manny Pacquiao Fight

He started boxing at age 14 as an amateur and booked 64 fights. At 16, he turned professional in 1995 and first listed in the minimum weight division. His first pro-win was against Edmund Enting Ignacio.

Manny Pacquiao Record

As of January 2012, his professional boxing record stands at 54 Wins (38 Knockouts), 3 Defeats (2 Knockouts), and 2 Draws. He is the first eight-division world champion. From the light flyweight division, he climbed to the light middleweight division.

Here’s a view of his fight with Antonio Margarito from whom he wrested his 6th title…

Margarito vs Manny care manny-pacquiaoSource: ohmynews.com | Google Images

Manny Pacquiao Funny Pictures

Our subject is funny because of his smile, antics, his Erap-like English, and his having no stage fright.

In photography, he is mean inside the ring like this as he mauled Oscar De La Hoya…

Manny vs Oscar care manny-pacquiaoSource: nomadicasian.hubpages.com | Google Images

But he is funny here…

Manny weighin care manny-pacquiaoSource: news.gather.com | Google images


Sleepy Manny care manny-pacquiaoSource: chillynews.com | Google images

Manny Pacquiao Vs Miguel Cotto

The bout was held on November 14th, 2009 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas NV. Cotto went down in the third; and again in the fourth. Cotto could not handle Manny’s speed. From what I saw on TV, Manny pummeled Cotto with more than 20 unanswered shots in the 12th round forcing the referee to stop the fight.

Here’s a snapshot of that fight…

Manny vs Cotto care manny-pacquiaoSource: noypicollections.blogspot.com | Google images

Manny Pacquiao Vs Joshua Clottey

Manny met Ghanaian Joshua Clottey at the new $1.2 billion cowboy’s stadium situated in Arlington, Texas on March 2010. All Clottey did throughout the fight was defending himself to earn his biggest pay. Manny won handily.

Here’s how Clottey defended himself…

Manny vs Clottey care manny-pacquiaoSource: articles.latimes.com | Google images

Manny Invades Philippine Politics… And Won Just The Same

He is destined… no doubt about it. We all know he rules boxing today. But in a surprise move, he tried untested waters. So…

He entered politics and got knocked cold in the first round against a diminutive woman, Darlene Antonino-Custodio. He vowed to return…

And he made a second try, devastating his wealthy opponent like what happened to wealthy Antonio Marco Barrera. On May 13, 2010, he formally became a Congressman of Sarangani Province.

Here’s the man in the halls of Philippine Congress…

Manny in congress care manny-pacquiaoSource: northwatch.wordpress.com | Google images

And as a military man with the rank of a Master Sergeant of the Philippine Army (reserve)…

Msgt Pacquiao care manny-pacquiaoSource: therippinandtearin.com | Google images

And later with the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel of the Philippine Army (reserve)…

LCol Pacquiao care manny-pacquiaoSource: news.daylife.com | Google images

And for the wrap up…

The world raves about the rise of Pacman, as he is sometimes called, from hunger to fame and glory. We’ve just cut across the short bits and pieces of his biography, his boxing record, even his funny pictures, a few of his big fights, and his political adventure.

The narratives are all for your simple-to-elegant sporting regard.

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