Filipina Brides Make Perfect Wives
And Mothers

“Filipina Brides, Surefire Philippines Singles”

Filipina brides
, as enviable Filipina ladies, make good wives and mothers. They belong to a circle of Philippines singles from which you may find a future Filipina wife.

Being brides is a special event in Filipino women’s lives. It formally ushers them into marriage. The teachings of elderly women are inculcated in their minds.


The Charm Of Filipino Women

Filipino women are true to their commitment. Becoming a wife is sacred to them. A Filipina wife is loyal and respectful to her husband. She loves to please her husband. She despises separation.

Want this charm in your life?

Here’s my personal recommendation…

  1. Avoid dating sites;
  2. Visit the country… go to the province(s);
  3. Interact act with lay church organization(s), befriend some members, seek advise, and ask for a prospect (having gauged you in person, your advisors will dutifully search for the right match you deserve); and,
  4. Be SINCERE… Filipinos can detect behaviors; advisors’ counsels are essential.

Character, Person And Roles Of A
Filipino Bride

Filipina brides, as Filipina ladies, have roles that make them elect members of the human specie.

The roles are…

  1. To embrace the elect world of motherhood of birthing, rearing and guiding children for heaven’s sake;
  2. To be one’s husband’s elect help heavenwards;
  3. Share in providing glue to national unity;
  4. As light in the community, which means not to warp things when in fellowship with neighbors and strangers; and,
  5. Provide command and stability in the home.

She desires a church wedding. (Image by:

She is the happiest person on her wedding day. (Image by:

She understands that rearing the children is a profound duty. (Image by:

She desires to stay and grow old with you. She commits to remain a faithful Filipina wife forever.

Wedding Glimpse

Nowadays, Philippine wedding is expensive. For a simple-to-elegant estimate, it’s… P100K-300K ($2,380-7,140).

Some modern wedding items of cost would illustrate…

This special wedding venue looks pricey… (Image by:

Pricey wedding rings too… (Image by:

Expensive wedding gown… (Image by:

Not so expensive wedding entourage apparel
(Image by:

In case you would rent a bridal car

Arrangement for a special reception venue in a boutique resort… (Image by:

In contrast…

A traditional wedding may either go cheaper or even more expensive. In a provincial setting, the number of guests could hover in 500-1,000 people. That’s the main meter cost.

The celebration is lengthy… it begins on the eve of the wedding. Food preparation gets early. (Image by:

Singing and chatting flow overnight as food and drinks are served.

The following day…

A long wedding entourage outside the church leads to… (Image by:

The wedding ceremony, the highlight of the whole affair. The wedding sponsors (godparents) are many… the more, the merrier. (Image by:

The wedding reception follows, and the merriment which started on the eve of the wedding continues. The celebration usually extends into the night.

The signature Filipino cuisine called lechon (roasted pig) is never absent. (Image by:

Everyone wants the crispy lechon hide

Traditional wedding dance
by bride and groom as friends chat…

Naturally, drinks flow, the usual flair…

A lot of heroic singing accentuates the event…

All these fun happen…

Because Filipinos seriously treat marriage as a one time extra special event in the lives of a man and woman.


No need to impress your bride and her family. Discuss with them… ask them. They will always understand a groom’s economic plight.

She and her family need only being told. To them, the fulfillment of the sacrament of matrimony is paramount. The appropriate wedding plan can then take its due course.

In Closing

It's a simple fact - Filipina brides make perdfect wives and mothers. Marrying a Filipina bride is a wise dcision.

Convinced? Come and SEE, LIVE or INVEST in the Philippines.

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