" CitiBank Philippines Can Meet Multi-Sector Banking Needs "

"Their Rates Are Competitive"

Citibank Philippines
provides corporate banking, treasury, transactional banking, consumer banking and trust services. It does banking at acceptable bank interest rates and money market rates.

The bank was established in 1902 as a branch of Citibank US.

Citibank Philippines Hqs
Citibank Philippines Hqs

Over the years, it became the largest commercial bank in the Philippines in terms of customers, assets, revenues, and employees. It employs 4,200 employees, mostly domestic Filipinos.

Strategy-wise, they focus on...

  • Global banking
  • Emphasis on customer delight
  • Opting for local talent
  • Partnership in nation-building with the host-country

For the future, they intend to keep on improving along their motto... They Never Sleep.


Management Strategy

Global Banking - Lets you control your finances from anywhere in the world.

Banking Another Citi Account Locally
Banking another citi account locally

Working for Customer Delight
- Simply put, the operative ways to bank with them cover…

  • Online banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Phone banking
  • ATM banking
  • Branch banking

Opting for Local Talent - Their workforce is composed of 98% domestic Filipinos.

Partnering for Nation-Building - They contribute to supporting the community through…

  • Microfinancing
  • Enterprise development
  • Youth education and livelihood
  • Financial capability and asset building

Here are the bank's employees doing community outreach volunteerism

Scope of the Product

Their current line products include…

  • Loans
  • Investments
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Banking
  • Wealth Management (they call it Citigold)

Loans - They extend personal loan and salary loan without requiring a collateral or guarantor. The salary loan is meant for their employees.

Investments - They are engaged in…

  • Money market instruments
  • Bonds and notes
  • Investment funds

Credit Cards - The bank is the country’s leading entity in the plastic currency industry. It issued its first card in the Philippines in 1990. It corners 20% of the market… 1.2 million active card holders as of yet.

Here is their line of cards...

Citibank Platinum Visa – Affords high credit limit, global acceptance and exclusive travel and lifestyle privileges around the world.

Citibank Platinum Visa Credit Card
Citibank Platinum Visa credit card

Citibank Gold Card - It’s the only card you’ll ever need for everything in life.

Citibank Classic Card – Same as the Gold Card.

Citibank Rewards Card - Gives you the most rewarding shopping experience.

Citibank Rewards Credit Card
Citibank Rewards credit card

Citibank Cash Back Card - Provides you with the most savings at all supermarkets.

Citibank Cash Back Credit Card
 Citibank Cash Back credit card

Citibank PremierMiles Card – Lets you earn free flights from over 50 airline choices.

Cebu Pacific Citibank Card - Informs you of the latest Cebu Pacific Seat Sales 2 hours ahead of everybody else. In two months upon launching, they made over 20,000 issues of this card… a record, big success.

Cebu Pacific Citibank Credit Card
 Cebu Pacific Citibank credit card

Rustan's Citibank Card - The country's first and only luxury shopping card.

Cebu Pacific Citibank Credit Card Gold
 Rustan Citibank Credit Card Gold

Shell Citibank Card – You get fuel rebates and 24-hour Nationwide Emergency Roadside Assistance Service from Shell.

Mercury Drug Citibank Card – You get rebates on your purchases at Mercury Drug and accredited hospitals.


They give 1-4 free movie passes for Citicard holders… of course, based on purchases made. So, you know what to do. Citi knows beforehand that you love movies.

Free Movie Via Citicard Passes
Free Movie Via Citicard Passes

Personal Banking
- You can bank with Citibank Philippines with any of these choices…

  • Checking account in peso or U.S. dollar
  • Savings account in U.S. dollar or Euro

  • E-Savings plus account with features of CD interest and savings account flexibility

  • Time deposits

Wealth Management - It is the first bank in the Philippines to offer wealth management services. They call it Citigold.

Wrap Up

Citibank Philippines provides corporate banking, treasury, transactional banking, consumer banking and trust services. It does banking at acceptable bank interest rates and money market rates.

You can choose to bank with them. You can locate its headquarters at 8741 Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, a commanding mark of banks in the Philippines.

Get more information from www.citibank.com.ph.

Convinced? See the bank…

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